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Rug Cleaning

Our specialised rug cleaning service includes pick up and delivery throughout the London area.

Carpet Cleaning’s team ensures that your rugs are always taken good care of when they are picked up for transport. They are cleaned, dryed and returned back to you. Allow our experienced and knowledgeable team to go through the cleaning process. This is for all

We can clean the rugs in your own homes depending on the type of rug as we strictly treat each and every rug differently as we understand the special attention, care and proper cleaning it requires.

Using our facilities and techniques means that the best results are reached as the life of the rug is extended by looking as good as new.

All our team members are experienced to conduct deep clean and revive the colour of your rugs.

When looking for a rug cleaning professional in the London area there are 3 things to consider if you want to be assured of a good quality job and they are:

Is the rug cleaning technician licensed and trained at rug cleaning?
Does the rug cleaner take the time needed to clean your rugs properly or is it a matter of “the more rugs the more money for them?”
Does the rug cleaner stand by his work with a Guarantee?

When you hire the right rug cleaner you’ll find an amazing difference in the end result. Your rugs will be cleaner, fresher and sparkle a whole lot more.

The other important thing we do here at Carpet Cleaning is to rinse your rugs thoroughly. Why is rinsing your rugs such a ‘vital’ step? Because if you don’t rinse rugs or carpeting of any kind thoroughly, the thing that gets left behind is sticky chemical residue, and chemical residue when dry acts like a magnet to dust particles. When a rug is rinsed properly it takes much longer to become dirty and is generally easier to vacuum because there is no sticky chemical residue left behind.

To take advantage of an impeccable rug cleaning service call us today on 020 3603 7324 and it will be my absolute pleasure to be of service with all your rug cleaning needs.