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We clean the upholstery and sofa that way so that it does not damage your furniture by chemicals or friction of tools. Our technicians can clean all type of using upholstery by steam cleaning. Why waste money on renting the products which do not work. Trust us we can bring the fresh look back and extend the life of your armchairs, sofas and mattresses. We use the same spotting products which is well testified for household use so that it makes safe for living room furniture.

Our steam-heat extraction upholstery cleaning is guaranteed to leave your fabric settees, sofas and armchairs in pristine, brand-new condition, without the cost or hassle of removing them from your home. All our cleaning services take place on site.

Our steam-heat extraction upholstery cleaning process relies on equipment of the highest quality, our upholstery cleaning machines use the most advanced steam-heat extraction technology in removing dirt, dust and other unsightly and unhealthy particles from your settees, sofas, armchairs, ottomans and other fabric-covered surfaces. This is the most effective professional cleaning method for the majority of upholstery sofas styles and fabrics, and represents an affordable alternative to re-upholstering or off-site dry-cleaning.